1. How much does MSJ typically invest and what initial shareholding does it seek?
We typically invests between £100,000 to £3 million for a majority stake in the business and a seat on the board.

2. What level of involvement in management does MSJ like to have?
We look for companies with management in place. We can provide experienced management but it is not our preference. However we do always take a seat on the board and offer strategic and management support if required.

3. What type of investments do you make?
At present Maybrook Saint James is concentrated on majority shareholding acquisitions. This typically takes the form of outright purchases however we are happy to look at MBO, MBIs or BIMBOs.

4. What are the pre-requisites to investment?
Maybrook Saint James looks at two types of investments, outright acquisitions and private equity funding at second stage or later of new businesses.
We like to invest in companies which have strong established market positions and the potential to expand into new markets. Each individual case is reviewed differently, so that a business that does not seem to fit all criteria might still be of interest to us, however broadly speaking we prefer the following characteristics.

• EBIT of £100,000+
• A minimum of 3 years of profitability.
• Vendors who are principally hands off.
• A second tier management structure

• An established income stream, or contracts in place.
• The ability of the business to meet interest payments
• A strong market proposition in a growing marketplace

5. What stage of a company’s development does MSJ invest in?
MSJ primarily looks to make outright purchases of companies where owners or directors are at retirement age, or looking to move on to pastures new. We also look at later stage investments in early stage growing companies that have achieved consistent income streams and levels of profitability which support interest repayments.

6. In which sectors does MSJ invest?
Maybrook Saint James are mainly interested in profitable, expandable opportunities and will look at businesses in most sectors. We prefer investments into commercial sectors in which we have some experience or understanding. We currently particularly favor businesses in the healthcare, business services, aircraft related, and funeral related sectors. ( See Sectors for more info)

7. Will Maybrook Saint James invest in start-up businesses?
Occasionally Maybrook Saint James does invest in start-up businesses however we like to an existing income stream and financial commitment from the management. We do expect to consider more early stage investment opportunities in the future.

8. What are the required returns on investment?
Maybrook Saint James are seeking a 30% return net of costs. This can come as an exit value or as a combination of exit value and loan note interest. MSJ takes a risk averse approach to investments. Therefore we seek to make returns on our money from day one through interest on loan notes, or by taking dividends.

We are flexible to the different stages of a business’ development and look to structure our returns in such a way as to support the maximum growth in your business. The overall objective is to build value over the medium to long term.

9. Over what time period does MSJ expect its return on investment?
We are a privately owned fund do not have strict time frames for exits. We do not have investors demanding a return within five years therefore we can be flexible. We are looking to create long term relationships with profit making vehicles which we work in partnership with.
We seek to realize our interest in a business at the best time for that business, which could be at a float, through a trade sale or never.

10. How do I go about obtaining funds from Maybrook Saint James?
Your first step will be to contact a member of the Maybrook Saint James team and you will be asked to provide a detailed business plan (See Useful Links for help creating a business plan, or complete our pro-forma document in Process section)

Once you have submitted a business plan, the Maybrook Saint James staff will help guide you quickly and effectively through the rest of the process.

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