Deal Process
  Deal Process for Venture Capital Investment in new or existing companies
(For acquisitions please just pick up the phone to talk to us.)

Initial Phone Call
On your first contact with us we will have an informal chat and determine in the first instance whether we can help you. If we think your project meets our criteria for investment then we will request that you send your business plan.

Business Plan
We will require a detailed business plan. There are links on our web site to information about drafting an effective business plan. In addition we have included a proposal document on our web site which you can complete.

Having reviewed your business plan we will have a number of questions which we would like you to answer. Having received and considered your answers we will invite you to come and meet us..

Having considered your initial proposal we will either decline it or invite you to present to us at our offices. The meeting will be attended by your project leader and should be attended by as many of your team as required to give us a full picture of every aspect of your company.

The meeting will usually last for between one and two hours. Following the meeting we will let you know within 10 days whether we would like to proceed with your opportunity.

Initial due diligence assessment and deal term structuring
During this stage we will be looking at all aspects of your company. You will need to provide detailed financial, market and competitor information. This process can take between 4 -10 weeks. Towards the end of this process we will begin formulating deal terms and we will provide you with a heads of agreement or term sheet outlining the headlines terms of a deal.

Legals and due diligence
Once deal terms are agreed both parties will instruct solicitors to undertake the legal work required to complete the deal. Further commercial and financial due diligence will take place using external industry experts. This stage can take between 4-8 weeks.

At completion of our investment, cash will be invested into your company in exchange for the agreed combination of shares, loans, options etc. It is likely that there will be retention imposed subject to the fulfilment of certain post completion conditions.

We will typically appoint a Non-Executive Director to the board of the company to provide support and advice to the executive directors. Where required we may also appoint additional management support. Regular reports on business and financial progress - including cashflow projections, management accounts should be provided to ensure we are abreast of your current position in the business.

Since we are investing our own money we are not constrained by fixed exit time frames. Our objective is to maximise our capital gain over time therefore we may have no fixed exit strategy in place at the time of our initial investment. We will be seeking to work in partnership with you and to assist your company in identifying and maximising the optimal exit routes available.

Time taken for investment process
The time taken to progress from initial contact to funds draw down is between 3-4 months. It is largely based upon the availability of information required. The progress can be maximised by employing professional experienced advisors from an early stage.

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