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Private Equity
Advantages of using Private Equity  
The finance obtained from private equity sources is fully committed to your business and the projects you intend.
Many private equity providers are able to provide access to necessary industry contacts and market information.
Strategic guidance and advice is also offered but overall control of day-to-day management is not usually sought.
Most private equity providers have an extensive experience in assisting a vast array of firms during different stages of business development.
Private equity investors have a vested interest in the continuing success of business as their expected returns are in the form not only of interest but profits on exit linked to performance. They are also keen to see increased growth, profits and performance.
Unlike a bank loan there is less interest charged and repayment of funds can be scheduled to support the business growth and development
Private equity firms are often prepared to provide follow-up funding & are likely to find it easier to gain further funding from other sources if necessary.
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