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Private Equity statistics  
Nearly half of firms said that with private equity backing their level of investment was higher than would have otherwise been possible.
81% of the companies could not have existed or would have grown less rapidly without private equity.
Over three-quarters of the companies felt that the private equity firms had made a major contribution in addition to the provision of money.
Other major contributions cited by private equity backed companies included private equity firms being used as a sounding board for ideas, challenging the status quo, for their financial advice, guidance on strategic matters and their contacts and market information.
A recent survey of over 170 private equity backed companies, commissioned by the BVCA, assessed “The Economic Impact of Private Equity in the UK” Nov 2003, showed that over a five year period, on average private equity backed companies increased their:
sales by 30% p.a., more than three times that achieved by FTSE 100 companies.
exports by 20% p.a., compared with a national growth rate of just 2.9% p.a.
investment by 25% p.a., compared with a national increase of 2.3% p.a.
the number of people employed increased by an average of 23% p.a., against a national private sector employment growth rate of just 1.5% p.a.
Source: "The Economic Impact of Private Equity"(published November 2003)
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